Seccion Job offers

Job offers

“We look for people with energy, excited by the constant search for innovation, and have a passion to win. In our fast-moving world, we value your contribution and passion for what you do, together with performance achieved”.

If you are interested in any of the roles advertised on these pages please forward your CV by using the contact data given with each vacancy.  Applicants should have the appropriate work permit or nationality to allow employment in any country where we operate.

Below you can find current vacancies:

REF.:         JOB TITLE    /  LOCATION      -    Language

R.: H_ 7 Develop.Q-Technician / BOROA      -   German

R.: H_ 8 CAD Technician/ ROMANIA    –      English

R.: H_ 9 Industrialization Technician/ ROMANIA – English

R.: H_10 Mould Injection Technician/ ROMANIA – English

R.: H_11 Product Technician / ROMANIA – English

R.: H_13   Process Technician / BOROA  – English

R.: H_18    Trainee Quality -Technician / HLINSKO  -  Czech

R.: H_19 Quality Technician / HLINSKO  – Czech/English

R.: H_20 Key Account Manager / HLINSKO – Czech/English

R.: H_21  Project Leader / BOROA     -  German

When you’re searching for suitable jobs, we advise you to only apply for jobs that match your skills, knowledge and experience. If you apply indiscriminately for jobs you’re not qualified for, you’re likely to be disappointed by the outcome.

We are unable to employ anyone who does not have the right to work in the country the job is based in. Work permits should be obtained prior to applying for any position.