Seccion Procurement


MEGATECH applies the same strict quality and performance criteria to its suppliers as our customers demand from us.

We require a comprehensive PPM commitment (from project initialization to improvements on products in series), to rapidly converge on, one consistently low PPM level, within the shortest possible time frames.
Our purchasing philosophy is fair but demanding, with the intention being to build long term business relationships and close collaborations with our suppliers.

As our aim is complete customer satisfaction, we expect the highest level of quality and reliability from our suppliers, which have to be certified according to international, ISO automotive industry standards.
Because cost effectiveness is essential, we pay close attention to all our individual suppliers’ operations in an economically viable and environmentally sustainable manner.

We pride ourselves on our international, multicultural and multidisciplinary team which strives to find solutions for all the Group’s developments in respect of quality, cost and guarantee of supply delivery. In order to meet the requirements of QCK, a matrix purchase organization is built in groups, consisting of project/tooling and peripheral experts, a purchase, quality team and central supply team.

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